Conflict of Nations: World War III jogo:

Exército, Estratégia, Guerra, Multi-jogador, Compra de Atualizações de Equipamentos, Tempo real, MMO, Android, HTML5, Grátis, Telemóvel, iPhone, iPad | Data Adicionada 29 Jul 2021
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Conflict of Nations: WWIII is a military themed strategy game set in the late 20th and early 21st century - fielding present day and highly modern battlefield technology. At the core of the game is an exciting real time combat system placing players in control of an existing nation of this world and its army, pitting them against other gamers in a struggle for world domination. Units are moved across the map in real time, often taking hours to fulfill their assigned mission goals, allowing for a very deep level of strategical planning and integrated tactical execution.

To ensure economic efficiency and technological edge over one’s opponents, each nation must be carefully managed and developed: researching new units while building the required infrastructure is the key to winning the game. After all, Conflict of Nations: WWIII is about logistics
as much as combat tactics.

Forming lasting alliances or short lived coalitions is an essential part of the modern military environment. Accordingly, Conflict of Nations: WWIII allows players to form cooperative clans and teams in an all-out effort to conquer set objectives through the combined force of arms.


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Conflict of Nations: World War III
Conflict of Nations: World War III
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